Union Employees

Open Enrollment for 2020 benefits has ended.

This special section for union employees provides the information you need to understand your benefit options and monthly contributions.

Who’s Eligible

Oxy represented (union) employees are eligible to participate in the Health and Welfare benefit plans if the applicable collective bargaining agreement provides for participation in that specific benefit plan.

You are eligible to enroll if:

  • You are represented by your applicable union under a collective bargaining agreement with OxyChem, and
  • You are a full-time employee.

Your 2020 Benefits

Select the information for your bargaining unit to learn about your benefit plans and 2020 monthly contribution rates. See Notices & Forms for additional notices.

Bargaining Unit Document

Chicago, Local 120

2020 Benefits
Geismar, Local 620 2020 Benefits
Ludington, Local 220
2020 Benefits

Niagara, Local 210

2020 Benefits
Teamsters, Local 795
2020 Benefits
Wichita, Local 119 2020 Benefits